Towards the end of residency, everyone kept asking me, can you believe its almost over? Are you so happy to be finished? I remember feeling part of me wanting to say YES, I can’t wait to be done with the many hours in the hospital and the long lists of patients. But the other part of me wasn’t ready for it to be over – being surrounded by incredibly intelligent people and seeing such interesting diseases and patients all the time. I couldn’t help but want to soak it all up!

I graduated this summer (2014) and started with York ENT Surgical Consultants a few weeks ago. And even though it is not the constant learning and teaching of residency, I am excited to see the collaboration with other physicians and the variety of cases we encounter.

I do feel very lucky that I was able to train at a residency program which gave me a great education. I also feel lucky to be part of this community and be given the opportunity to take care of such nice patients. And finally, I feel extremely lucky to have joined a group of intelligent, hard working physicians who I am excited to continue to learn from.

I am really looking forward to treating adults and kids with issues of the ear, nose, and throat from our community, and working to keep up the strong reputation of York ENT.